Canaest has an international network of consultants with different academic backgrounds and experience. The team is able to work in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Javier Macías

Javier Macías is director and founder of Canaest Consultores and enjoys 30 years of professional experience in the environmental, economic and social aspects of fisheries, aquaculture and the marine and coastal environment. He has participated in projects developed in the European Union and in coastal countries in Africa and Latin America.

Carlos Montero Castaño

Marine biologist, expert in fisheries development and environmental management. Responsible for international projects, as the monitoring of Spanish fisheries in Western Atlantic, and other fishing and aquaculture and scientific cooperation programs in Africa and Latin America. He has experience in the elaboration and evaluation of projects and programs.

Cheikh Abdellahi Ould INEJIH

Cheikh Abdellahi INEJIH is an Engineer of INAT (Tunisia) and Doctor of the University of Brest (France), having an experience of more than 30 years in the field of fisheries (biology, monitoring, exploitation and development) and marine biodiversity. He has participated as an expert in projects developed in the countries of the north and west coasts of Africa

Elvira Balguerías Quintero

Elvira Balguerías is a veterinarian specialised in rural and local development. She has more than a decade of professional experience in development and cooperation projects, focusing much of her work in West African countries. In recent years, she has been involved in fishing and aquaculture projects, mainly in the fields of hygiene and sanitary aspects.

Julio López Alvarado

Julio López Alvarado is a Marine Scientist and Economist with 27 years of professional experience in aquaculture, fish nutrition and fish health. He has worked in R&D, production, consultancy and sales of aquaculture products and aquaculture supplies in several countries in Europe and South America.

Ainhoa Bilbao Altés

Ainhoa Bilbao is an economist specialised in climate change and sustainable economic development. She has professional experience in international projects on blue economy, cooperation and local development in coastal areas of West African countries and island territories.

Montserrat Gimeno Ortiz