Project and programme management

  • Evaluation and monitoring.
  • Identification, formulation and implementation support.
  • Technical audits of projects based on payment-by-results mechanisms.
  • Socio-economic and environmental impact assessments.
Related Projects

2022 FAO Cabo Verde
Enhance capacities in addressing the effects of climate change in key sectors of the Blue Economy. Elaboration of Project idea note and Concept note for the Green Climate Fund.
Conservation | Blue Economy | Management | Infrastructure | Planning
2022 FAO Cabo Verde
Sustainable Value Chain Assessment and development of fisheries and aquaculture products
Conservation | Blue Economy | Management | Infrastructure | Planning
2022 Canary Islands Government / European Union Canary Islands - Spain
Identification, promotion, monitoring and evaluation of the thematic coordination among projects financed by the INTERREG MAC Programme (ERDF), the EDF and other programmes in African countries (Cabo Verde, Senegal, Mauritania, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Gambia and São Tomé and Principe)
Conservation | Blue Economy | Management | Planning
2021 Indian Ocean Commission / World Bank Indian Ocean
Mid-term evaluation of the 2nd Programme for Improving Fisheries Management and Developing the Blue Economy in the South West Indian Ocean (SWIOFish-2)
Blue Economy | Management
2021 Particip GmbH / European Union West Africa
Monitoring of the Project “Contribution of the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) to the project Improving Regional Fisheries Governance in West Africa" (PESCAO)
2020 Particip GmbH / European Union West Africa
Monitoring of the project "Contribution to the prevention and fight against IUU fishing by improving the regional monitoring, control and surveillance system" (Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau).
2020 Subregional Fisheries Commission / World Bank Mauritania, Guinea
Technical audit of the payment mechanism based on the results of the WARFP program
2019 Canary Islands Government – European Union West Africa/EU
Technical assistance for strengthening the coordination between the projects of the Program Interreg MAC (ERDF) and the initiatives financed by the EDF and other funds. (Mauritania, Senegal, Cabo Verde, Portugal, Spain)
2017 International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Venezuela
Support to the implementation of the project PROSANESU – Fishing
Blue Economy | Management | Planning
2017 MSC, Marine Stewardship Council – Sustainable fisheries. France, Spain
Mid-term evaluation of the WWF/MSC Project “MedFish - Fisheries on the road to sustainability” Assessment and proposals for the extension of the eco-certification in the Mediterranean.
Conservation | Management
2016 World Bank - WARFP Cabo Verde
Final external evaluation of the West Africa Regional Fisheries Program (WARFP - Cabo Verde)
2015 Interamerican Development Bank Haiti
Support for the formulation of the Fisheries Development Program. Diagnosis and investment plan
Management | Planning
2014 Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources of Haiti / AECID Haiti
Final evaluation of the project «Strengthening Fishing Sector in the South-East of Haiti»
2013 Eptisa / EU Pacific ACP countries
Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) Project “Development of Sustainable Tuna Fisheries in Pacific ACP Countries - Phase 2” (DevFish2)
2013 Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust Namibia
Final evaluation of the Project “Increasing the Namibian population’ access levels to fish consumption”
Management | Infrastructure
2013 Eptisa / EU Guinea Bissau
Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) Project “Creation of a fishing cooperative as an engine for sustainable development in Cacine region.
2012 Eptisa / EU West Africa
Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) «Strengthening subregional cooperation for the monitoring, control and surveillance of fishing activities in the area of the SRFC»
2012 Canary Islands Government Spain
Socioeconomic Evaluation of marine aquaculture in the Canary Islands
2012 Eptisa / EU Pacific ACP Countries
Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) Project “Scientific Support for the Management of Coastal and Oceanic Fisheries in the Pacific Islands Region (SciCOFish)”
2012 Spanish-Peruvian Cooperation Fund Perú
Final Evaluation of the Program "Support to Fisheries and Aquaculture in the Region of Puno"
2011 Namibian Maritime and Fisheries Institute /AECID Namibia
Final Evaluation of the Programme “Technical Assistance for the Improvement of Training Levels at Namibian Maritime and Fisheries Institute (NAMFI)”
2010 International Labour Office - Geneva West Africa
Final Evaluation of the Project “For a rational and sustainable Development of the Fishing Sector” (Morocco, Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania)
2010 Agency of Partnership for Progress, MCA-Morocco/ Agrer, S.A. Morocco
Establishment of the situation of reference (ex-ante evaluation) of the Project "Artisanal Fisheries"
2009 Fundación Philippe Cousteau Mauritania
Coordination of the project: Support and integration of fisheries education as a tool of sustainable development of fisheries sector
2008 Canary Islands Government Spain, Mauritania
Evaluation of the Official Cooperation of the Canarian Autonomous Region with Mauritania
2008 Playa de Vargas 2001 S.L. Spain
Environmental monitoring of offshore installations of bass and bream
2008 Project Biodiversity. World Bank Guinea Bissau
Socio-economic impact of the fishing reserve area "Rio Grande de Buba".
2005 European Commission / Megapesca,Lda. Venezuela
Pre-identification of fisheries development projects
2005 Canary Islands Government Spain
Evaluation of the EU structural interventions in the fisheries sector
2005 Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mauritania
Final Evaluation of the project “Integrated fisheries development in Tiguent”
2001 Canary Islands Government Spain
Socio-economic impact of the fishing agreements between the EU and the Morocco