Biodiversity conservation and sustainable use

  • Promotion of the Circular Economy, with a special focus on marine pollution.
  • Enhancing the resilience of coastal communities to climate change.
  • Study and proposals for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Design of CO2 emission reduction and abatement programmes.
  • Proposals for enhancing sustainability.
Related Projects

2022 FAO Cabo Verde
Enhance capacities in addressing the effects of climate change in key sectors of the Blue Economy. Elaboration of Project idea note and Concept note for the Green Climate Fund.
Conservation | Blue Economy | Management | Infrastructure | Planning
2022 FAO Cabo Verde
Sustainable Value Chain Assessment and development of fisheries and aquaculture products
Conservation | Blue Economy | Management | Infrastructure | Planning
2022 Canary Islands Government / European Union Canary Islands - Spain
Identification, promotion, monitoring and evaluation of the thematic coordination among projects financed by the INTERREG MAC Programme (ERDF), the EDF and other programmes in African countries (Cabo Verde, Senegal, Mauritania, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Gambia and São Tomé and Principe)
Conservation | Blue Economy | Management | Planning
2022 Gran Canaria Island Council Canary Islands - Spain
Assessment of the carbon footprint of the Cofradías and Fishermen Cooperatives of Gran Canaria
Conservation | Blue Economy | Infrastructure | Planning
2020 CESO CI International / African Development Bank Angola
Development of value chains in the marine cluster. Angolan Ministry of Economy and Planning
Conservation | Blue Economy | Infrastructure | Planning
2020 MacAlister Elliott & Partners Ltd. (UK) Guinea Bissau
Climate change resilient fisheries management plans: a case study of Clupeid stocks and fisheries in West Africa
Conservation | Planning
2019 Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Cabo Verde, Senegal
Identification of the Project "Leading West African fishing companies towards sustainable fishing practices"
Conservation | Blue Economy
2018 Gran Canaria Island Council Spain
Study on waste management in the small-scale fishing sector of Gran Canaria
Conservation | Blue Economy
2017 MSC, Marine Stewardship Council – Sustainable fisheries. France, Spain
Mid-term evaluation of the WWF/MSC Project “MedFish - Fisheries on the road to sustainability” Assessment and proposals for the extension of the eco-certification in the Mediterranean.
Conservation | Management
2016 Fishing Local Action Group of Gran Canaria. Spain
Fisheries Local Development Strategy, Gran Canaria 2016-2020
Conservation | Blue Economy | Infrastructure
2015 WWF European Policy Programme EU-Mediterranean countries
Study of the interplay between nationally-produced and imported seafood products from developing countries in the markets of EU Mediterranean Member States (WWF – EU Project "Fish Forward")
Conservation | Planning
2012 ACP FISH II – European Commission / Agrer S.A. West Africa
Support for the implementation of the Sub-regional Plan for the conservation of rays and sharks. Elaboration of the Socio-Economic Reconversion Plan and harmonisation of the legal framework
Conservation | Blue Economy | Infrastructure
2009 Gran Canaria Island Council Spain
Implementation of the program of diversification of revenues and the consolidation of the small-scale fishing sector of Gran Canaria through the development of fish-tourism activities.
Conservation | Blue Economy
2009 Las Palmas University Foundation Senegal
Coordination of the project “Sustainable Development of the Biosphere Reserve of the Delta of the Sine and Saloum through the promotion of eco-tourism”
Conservation | Blue Economy
2007 Canarian Institute of Marine Sciences / Gran Canaria Island Council / Fishers associations Spain
Preliminary actions for the feasibility study, diffusion and launch of activities of fishing-tourism activities in two fishing localities (Arguineguín and Mogán)
Conservation | Blue Economy
2006 Gran Canaria Island Council Spain
Study on possibilities for the development of artisanal processing centres for fishery products in the Canarian fishermen's associations.
Conservation | Blue Economy | Infrastructure
2002 Canarian Association of Fishfarmers Spain
Project for the extension of the aquaculture in the artisanal fishing communities
Conservation | Blue Economy
1999 Canarian Association of Fishfarmers Spain
Study of the potential for the development of the aquaculture in traditional fishing villages
Conservation | Blue Economy | Infrastructure